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IP Phone problem


i`m facing this days a huge problem with my cisco IP Phone 7914 when i transfer the communication for any staff, the communication will stopped, a second thing , if i have two communication in same time , i can`t transfer nor the first nor the second, at this moment i must stopped one for transferring other

please could you help it`s very urgent

Thanks a lot



Re: IP Phone problem

I am not sure what you mean by the communication will stop. If you are running CCM 3.3, you only have 2 line instances. You would need a 3rd instance to start the transfer. In CCM 4.0 and higher, you can adjust this.

New Member

Re: IP Phone problem

a communication it`s mean call

i know that we can`t transfer at the sime , but the problem is that i can`t make at all the transfer when i received two calls , i can`t transfer at at all !!!!!

please help

New Member

Re: IP Phone problem


If CCM3.3 or lower you can only have one converstation at a time and tranfer the call. If you have two converstations at the same time you cannot transfer. If you have CCM 4.0 you can change that and have up to 100 conversation per line and transfer all 100. But usually you would want only 2 conversation and transfer 2.

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Re: IP Phone problem

It seems that you are using a version of Callmanager which only supports 2 calls on a single line. So, if you get 2 simultaneous calls on a single line, you won't be able to transfer any of those calls, because inorder to transfer a call, that same line will have to make a call to another phone and then transfer the call.So, if there are 2 calls already on that line, it wont be able to make that final call for the transfer.

So, you will have to upgrade to a higher version of Callmanager (4.0 or above ) and then you will have this facility of transferring calls using a line, when you have other calls already on that same line.

Lemme know if you have any questions.

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