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IP Phone SDK and CCME

Can I use the SDK on a Windows 2000 Server which is not running Call Manager. I am using Call Manager Express?


Re: IP Phone SDK and CCME

You can install the SDK pretty much anywhere. I guess 16 bit windows (win9x/me isn't a true 32 bit system so I call it 16 bit to give people a hint to upgrade) would be problematic but other than that.. you can even install it on a call manager, it's just not supported by cisco (so if you do make sure they don't catch you or your support goes out the window). And the SDK really should be installed on your development box, then you write your own apps, which you deploy on whatever box you see fit (excluding your call manager, unit, crs and other cisco servers).

And keep in mind that CME is very limited in terms of eatures. For instance there's no service registration.. you have one service url that you can configure.. that has to go to a page listing the services a phone will access.. then you will have to write some kind of service management to allow people to subscribe/unsubscribe to services. Then you have no AXL, no JTAPI, limited TAPI support, no DC Directory (hence no user lookup and everything else ldap based in the SDK). Just so that you have been warned...

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Re: IP Phone SDK and CCME


CME is all I will be able to use for a while. I live on a island and the largest of companies in a LAN segment does not exceed 200 phones. So getting them to install the full Call Manager may not be so easy considering the investment required.

I am new to the SDK and VOIP so I really am not sure what services they are going to want on their phones. The Directory number lookup is highly favoured however. I guess they would no be able to get that either.

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