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IP phone service for long distance service activation

I need to build a ip phone service to give the user privilegies to place long distance call and international calls.

Is there any API to do that or how can I implement a service to achieve this.

thnks in advance

best regards


Re: IP phone service for long distance service activation

AXL looks like a safe bet here. Look at the updateLine command as you need to modify a line's partition/css to change calling permissions. Or, if using extension mobility, you have the update the user profile instead.

Keep in mind though, permissions are granted per line, not per user. So if my phone has permissions to place international call and the janitor who's only allowed to make company internal call goes to my desk and places a call.. he'll get through. The only way to prevent that is using extension mobility but even there if you don't log out / lock your phone, if you're gone for a coffee break, somebody can still use your phone.


Re: IP phone service for long distance service activation

Are Cisco's FAC (forced authorization codes) or CMC (Client Matter Codes) features not acceptable for your needs?



Note that you can programmatically access this functionality using JTAPI, if you like, so you could monitor an outgoing call (or make it yourself on behalf of the client), watch for the CMC/FAC tone, and then enter a FAC or CMC code on behalf of the client. Just another option!

But the easiest solution would be to ue CMC or FAC by itself, if it meets your requirements...

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