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IP Phone Services/Set-Cookie/Application Context

I was hoping that I could use Set-Cookie such that I could launch a pushExecute and then another...and that the Cookies I put on each putExecute would help me understand when Clients come in which of the 2 pushExecute was related...

As far as I can tell, the Cookie stays on no matter what is allways the same as last Set-Cookie regardless of which client.

Is there no way to associate and track client requests/push Execute with some sort of complex URL rewriting?


Re: IP Phone Services/Set-Cookie/Application Context

Could you give a bit more details at what you want to achieve with your application (what it does for the user)?

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Re: IP Phone Services/Set-Cookie/Application Context


I have 2 applications launched...both by Push Execute /CGI...

I'd like to be able to identify any softkeys/menu picks/etc. that are a descendent of those 2 launches so I can differentiate between the two or some other app that came in...

I'd like to be able to set a cookie on the push execute...and have it stay in place for all client operations related to the original push Execute...

This is for 2 different surveys...and one launched over the other, so I know what question/answer comes from which launch...

Make sense?

Re: IP Phone Services/Set-Cookie/Application Context

Why not simply append an identifier to each url that is executed when the user selects a menu / pushes a softkey?

e.g. if you post a CiscoIPPhoneMenu

make it



And for survey 2



And you could do the same for softkey urls in the CiscoIPPhoneMenu.

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Re: IP Phone Services/Set-Cookie/Application Context


That means I must add a URL tag to every softkey, menupick, or any other url reference back to the server...that was my alternative...

With the cookies enabled...I could simply hash the cookie, and not have to do this...thinking the phone would be smart enough to use the Set-Cookie following a push execute...

The URL tags is probably what I'll have to do...

Thanks for your help...

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