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IP Phone Services

I will like to hear your opinion on an ip phone service/s you've deployed on CCM and briefly how it help folks productively.



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Re: IP Phone Services

I have made several services that help my people a lot. I have developed a simple corporate directory since the server folks would not allow me to do the integration that comes with CallManager for active directory(only one page of code). I have also made a few services that are internal to my company that allow someone to lookup and page the person that is on call for a particular group. (i.e. servers, workstations, mainframe, etc) . And a page that lists recent major problems that have been called in to the help desk. It gives them information on the problem and a choice to call the person that called in the problem, the person who took the call, or the person that has been assigned to fix the problem.

One of the biggest challenges that I have found is trying to get ideas from the user community so an application can be built. I hope that this info is helpful for you.


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Re: IP Phone Services

This can definitely be used to access any time of information that you can think of but you can also push messages/alerts to the phones. This can be something manually, automated, or build into some CRA workflow. I saw the perfect opportunity yesterday when I went to the dentist. When a patient arrives they send a message via some very expense message device back to all the rooms that basically says "Rick is here! at 7:00am for ????" They paid a fortune for this and it could have been done very easy on the IP phone. Now they didn't have IP phones but that is another problem : )

That is just one example but it is basically how creative you can get! There is a new website that a section in the forum dedicated to CRA scripting and phone services and has file upload capabilities. There is not a lot there yet because it is only a few days old but I see it growing very quick!

Good luck with your IP phone services! Let us know what you come up with.

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