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IP Phone/Unity Setup

I want to caller can select either 1,2, or 3 to go to several contact numbers depend on his need.

ex)press 1 : Cell Phone

press 2: Home Phone.

I have IP Phone model is 7960 and unity server/callmanager running.

Any idea how to setup?


Re: IP Phone/Unity Setup

Hello -

Is the caller in your example an employee calling his own voicemail access number OR is the caller an external caller (non Unity subscriber) who has reached an employee's voicemail message and you want to instruct the caller to try the employee's cell or home phone? Here is the reason I am asking ... If the caller is a Unity subscriber, then when he calls into voicemail, he is working with the Unity conversation, which does not provide caller input to allow navigation to other Unity call handlers.

If the external caller reaches an employee's voicemail, caller input options can be configured. Go to the employee's record in Unity and select Greetings. Make sure the box "allow caller input during greeting" is checked. Then select Caller Input on the same employee's record. Select the key pad 1 and create a new Call Handler that transfers to the employee's external cell phone. It is important to select "Attempt transfer to" as the action you want to take. Unity will attempt to transfer the call to the user's cell phone. Your employee will need to include some instruction in his personal greeting so that callers know which keys are valid and what actions will be accomplished, for example "Hello, this is Joe. I'm working from home today. If you'd like to reach me on my cell, press 1. If you'd like to try my home number, press 2" and so on. I'm including a link to Unity 4.0(2) administration - call handling section. You can check it out and read in more detail than I can provide here. Setting up Unity call handlers requires some planning, but it is manageable. We have a number of them running in our Unity 3.1(5) production. Also - I recommend you check out the Unified Communications forum (for Unity) - the Cisco moderator(s) are all excellent!

Best wishes, Ginger

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Re: IP Phone/Unity Setup


Thanks for your great response. You solved my problem. Now, Some reason, after I get the message and caller input, system doesn't transfer the call. System looks like trying to connect to the cell number (917XXXXXXXXX) but it just stops right there.

Anyhow, thanks again.

Re: IP Phone/Unity Setup

Hello again -

How is the call handler for Unity set-up? To release to switch or supervise transfer? Does CallManager get the call? You could check the CCM traces and Q931 to see if the call is getting set-up OK. Another thought - could this route pattern be blocked in CCM? Sorry for the additional questions? But maybe will help further diagnose :-)

Regards, Ginger

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