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IP Phones and Aquatic Centres

I have over the last ten months installed over 300 IP phones within our organisation, of these there are some 20 deployed at two aquatic (swimming pools) locations all of these phones have, and still are having issues with detiriating servicability.

It may take as long as two months for the issue to start manafesting it's self and then gets slowly worse (ie 7960's go straight to speaker and then when an attempt is made to take the caller off speaker the call is dropped) to the point where the phones are no longer usable and need to be replaced.

Are there any other aquatic centres out there that are having the same issues?

Of the nine remote sites that we have only the two indoor aquatic centres have issues such as this.

Any suggetions as to what may be causing the issues.

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Re: IP Phones and Aquatic Centres



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Re: IP Phones and Aquatic Centres

Hello jones_m

We have had some problems with the Hook switch on many of our phones.

we have experienced the same problem you describe but we are not in an Aquatic environment.

We have opened some phones up and clean the hook-switch and also adjust the wire spring.

I would try opening one of the defective units and see if the problem is with the hook switch.

Good Luck.

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