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IP Phones reboot

Hi there,

we have a problem with phone resets. without any reasons the phones reloads (not all but 50% of the phones) , we do have the latest phoneload but not the latest CCM service release (3.3(3)). Is it rather a network problem, readjustment of the keepalive timers (default 30 sec) phones to CCM. or rather a problem with the cat switches or CCM service release.

If anyone does have a clue please feel to respond:-)


Re: IP Phones reboot

I had a similar problem at two sites.

Look at the event viewer. See what's going on there. In my case I had Device Unregistered's.

Then look in the Call Trace to see what's going on there. In my cases, the phones were unregistering due to keepalive timeouts.

Check the switch logs to see if anything is going on there (port where the phone connects is going up/down, excessive errors, trunk port going up/down, etc. In one case I had a bad GBIC. In the other case, no apparent switch problems and the problem hasn't happened since. Just stopped on its own.

Not sure if something else funky is going on.


Re: IP Phones reboot

i had all kinds of quirky things happening with 3.3.3sr2. I loaded sr3 (sr4 is out now) and everything is okay now. you may check the caveats for your service level; I remember seeing something about 7960 rebooting, i recommend upgrading; TAC will want you to do it also, before they'll get too involed.


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