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IP Phones unable to connect to Call Manager


I have a setup where a call manager is connected to 6509 core switch.It belongs to vlan 100. 6509 is connected to 4908G-L3 distribution switch which in turn is conneected to 3524 access switch.

IP phones are connected to 3524. But these phones are not able to register with call manager. I have configured "switch-port voice vlan 100" in the respective ports. The data traffic belongs to a different VLAN. Still the result is the same. Do I have to make any entries in 4908G-L3 switch for vlan 100?

thanks for any help,



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Re: IP Phones unable to connect to Call Manager

hi there.

the ip-phones (by default) work, and search for a dhcp in vlan 2 !

did you

a) try entering "administrative" vlan at iphone's network setup and/or

b) activate a dhcp with configured option 150 (=ip adress of cisco tftp server) in the configured vlan ?

the tftp will provide the phones with config files, which holds all the information they need..

greetings, g

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Re: IP Phones unable to connect to Call Manager

Your IP Phones by default look in Vlan 2. If you configure Option 150 in your DHCP server which has to be created since it is not in the default list, and call it TFTP Server. Then provide that option the address of your call manager or other TFTP server if you are using a separate one. Then configure your enterprise paramaters in call manager to provide the remainder of your phone configuration parameters. Also you should make sure your vlan 100 is programmed for all interfaces apllying to your IP Phones. You use "switchport voice vlan 100" for your phones and "switchport access vlan XXX" for your systems that may hang off the phones. If you need more information please email me at and provide me with more insight to your network and I will be glad to try and assist you. Good Luck.



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