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IP SoftPhone Queing

I'm currenting researching softphone implementation on a 6509, My understanding is that QoS for softphones is chosen at lyr 3 with ipprec or dscp. This is fine for segment/segment communication. What about interswitch/same vlan communication? The switch has no way to assign ToS sence the packet never leave lyr 2 and CoS is only defines with hardphones and the uses of ext-untrust. Does the softphone application define CoS? If so How? and Is it configurable? or Can the 6509 configure CoS for lyr 2 port for softphone?

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Re: IP SoftPhone Queing

The IP Phones are able to tag the L2 traffic only when the link is configured as a trunk. The COS value is stored in the 802.1q header. Since your not trunking to your PC that pretty much impossible to tag that traffic from the application. I am pretty sure all Cisco switches support setting the COS value on the port.

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Re: IP SoftPhone Queing

They do but not for softphones only hardphones.... I has hopping for a better understanding of the softphone application and see if QoS happens there at all. sence it will communicate intercollision domain

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