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IP Telephony with Cat 4006 at the core

I am setting up a Call manager phone system in a network that uses a Cat 4006 as the core switch. The 4232 blade is doing VLAN routing to a number of IDFs using port channel interfaces. I would like to know if there are any recommendations for changing the default qos mappings or setting any traffic conditioning at the port level that I should apply by default.

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Re: IP Telephony with Cat 4006 at the core

check out the Cisco IP Telephony Design Guide

For layer 2 there is not much to do except remap cos for VoIP control to the Queue 2.

Layer 3 there is a little more .

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Re: IP Telephony with Cat 4006 at the core

Thanks for the quick response.

Forgive my ignorance on this matter. I've seen this document before. If I'm interpreting it right, it is basically going to put all my RTP traffic in queue #2 which has a WRR weight of 3. This seems to be the only configurable setting. If I'm understanding this right the default settings are giving voice priority. I was wondering if cisco had any recommendations for changing this in voice enabled network or if anyone had any opinions based on experience.

Please let me know if my understanding of the situation is wrong.


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Re: IP Telephony with Cat 4006 at the core

The QOS remaps for the 4006 will put the VoIP control traffic (skinny messages and keepalives etc) between the Call Managers and the IP phones as well as control traffic from the Voice Gateway into Q2. The RTP traffic will be placed into Q2 without changing anything becasue the the IP Phone ASIC stamps its RTP packets with COS = 5, which is placed into the Q2 by default.

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