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IP/TV integrated with Content Engine

Is it possible to do a recording using the Cisco IP/TV solution,

dump the file to the Cisco Content Distribution Manager and let

the CDM distribute the file to Cache Engines at remote sites

over the WAN at a scheduled time.(after hours)

I want the file to be available on the remote Cache Engine so that when

the client wants to view the file it must no be streamed over the

WAN but from the remote Cache Engine at the premises.


Re: IP/TV integrated with Content Engine

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Re: IP/TV integrated with Content Engine

What you describe is possible given that the viewers you use to watch the content supports the same codec used to encode the content via IPTV. There is a possibility of a mis-match


Re: IP/TV integrated with Content Engine

Recording the content: No Problem - choose MPEG1 or MPEG2 - pretty standard.

I'm not sure how your Cache Engines are "loaded." If you can "catch & cache" the video as it's played to a client, then again, no problem.

Can your cache engine catch and cache a multicast?

If not, then you'd need to activate a feature (the name escapes me at the moment) in the "Channels" screen of the Content Manager that unicasts to specific IP addresses concurrently with the multicast (multicast = "Scheduled," unicast is usually only for "On Demand"). I think it's called Smallcasting ...minicasting ...something like that.

This feature is available to allow streaming/multicast content to propagate through non-multicast-enabled switches/router.

The part I'm not sure about is whether you can just drop the MPEG files into the cache engines, or if you have to cache it from a live stream / flow. If it will only cache from a live stream / flow, does your cache engine recognize the data as streaming video and store it (and re-send it) as video?

If it stores it as video, will it recognize the signalling from the IPTV client (or any MBONE client) as the proper client for that video stream? Does it then unicast the stream, or will it multicast the stream locally?

If it only unicasts the stream, then (and I'm sure you've thought about this), there may be some bandwidth concerns on that segment.

If your cache engines can be "preloaded" with the video files, the IPTV Content Manager can be set to FTP files on a schedule to any designated address.

Can you post some details on how your cache engine is going to get, store, and replay the video? I've played with the IPTV stuff for a while, but I don't have much exposure to cache engines.


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