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IPAddressProvider. The app never ends (Java). CCM4.1


When I make an intance of the IPAddressProvider, the application never ends. Im making some test with a Java Main class, but ones I do the instance the methods never ends. Its like it hold the conection with the callManager and then I have to stoped manualy. And, if i do another request just after stoped, it sends a IPAddressProvider.getDeviceList() request failed error.

Its this normal?

What can I do?

The code:

IPAddressProvider ipProv = new IPAddressProvider(callanager, callManagerUserId, callManagerPassword,true);


Re: IPAddressProvider. The app never ends (Java). CCM4.1

Since you have the source code of that class as part of the SDK, I'd include Cisco's classes, or recreate the class library, and with a smart IDE, it'll allow you to step into Cisco's code to figure out what is going wrong.

Loading an IP address report can take a significant amount of time though, so if it doesn't return after a few seconds, that's normal.. it can take multiple dozens of seconds for an installation with several hundred phones.. and if you're looking at thousands of phones....

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Re: IPAddressProvider. The app never ends (Java). CCM4.1

1. How can I see the SDK codes?

2. It?s not a delay time problem. If I run these simple code, it never ends.


public static void main(String[] args) {

String callManager = "";

String callManagerUserId = "Administrator";

String callManagerPassword = "XXXX";

IPAddressProvider ipProv = new IPAddressProvider(callManager, callManagerUserId, callManagerPassword,true);

System.out.println("It print just fine");


After the message is print in the console, the app get freeze....



Re: IPAddressProvider. The app never ends (Java). CCM4.1

I suppose you do have the SDK already since that class comes with the SDK. So when you install it, in the installation folder you have a directory Java, which contains the CiscoIPPhoneSDK.jar file that you're using. There are two subdirectories though, javadocs, which contains the javadoc documentation, and src, which contains the source code.

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