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IPCC express recording (why is this working)

I have a CM and CRS on the same box, with phone in multiple vlans off different switches etc, and the recoding and monitoring works fine , I have not configured any span ports etc, so just wondering why this is working as it should not according to cisco

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Re: IPCC express recording (why is this working)

Are you using CRS 4.0?

In version 4.0 there is a new method for monitoring and recording, called the endpoint monitoring, where the Agent Desktop would send the RTP packets directly to the Supervisor Desktop. That could be why it is working for you.



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Re: IPCC express recording (why is this working)

yes I am using version 4. Would still work with cm and CRS on separate boxes,

Have you got a Cisco document on this?

If needed to implement a standalone recording solution that recorded everything I take it that would need span ports?

Thanks for you post

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Re: IPCC express recording (why is this working)

What anup is talking about w/ CRS 4.0 is called end point monitoring, where the CAD agent will duplicate the packets and send them to the CRS server for recording, in your case.

CRS 4.0 can still be configured for SPAN collection as well.

Both endpoint and span will work on co-res and standalone CRS installs.

See the IPCCx 4.0 SRND guide page B-1 for more info.

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