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IPCC reporting - external calls only

I am trying to write a custom IPCC report that pulls only external calls (inbound and outbound). I need the external phone number, call time, talk time, direction (in/out), and what extension the call finished on. I've been looking through the IPCC data as well as the stored procedures and historical report examples. What I'm confused on is the data. I'm expecting to see more phone numbers that are at least 7 digits or greater (external numbers) but I'm not seeing that. Shouldn't I see that in the CalledPartyNumber, destinationDN, or originatorDN in the ContactCallDetail table?

Can you recommend an already existing historical report that is similar to what I'm needing?

One other question - Are there call records in the CDR database that correlate to the IPCC call records. Is every leg of an IPCC call recorded in the CDR data?

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Re: IPCC reporting - external calls only

To track all the calls in CDRs:

There is a setting in Callmanager for CDRs, that is by default set to false for logging calls that have a zero duration flag, or those that are calls that do not connect, etc.

If you go into Service > service parameters for Callmanager service, you will find the system setting to change this parameter.

This should do it.

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Re: IPCC reporting - external calls only

Thank you for your response. So does that mean when a call comes into CallManager and is routed out to the IPCC side that CallManager will continue to show all legs of the call as it is routed inside IPCC?

Also, can you help me with the first part of my question? I want to query only external calls (inbound and outbound) within IPCC. I do not want to show any internal calls (agent to agent). How can I do this?

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