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ipma auto generated partitions

okay, what developer made it so all existing partitions must be prefixed with "Generated_IPMA" and "Generated_IPMA_Everyone" in order to make IPMA work?!?!?

Hello, we have like 30 partitions, most of which are already very long to make them easy to understand. It seems like it could have been different.


Re: ipma auto generated partitions

They didn't!

The names used in the auto generated IPMA configs are so that you can identify them, you can change them to whatever you like, and you can also build IPMA without using the IPMA wizard at all!

Call Manager CTI is NOT partition and Calling Search Space aware. SO it has no idea what partition or calling search space was used to get the call to the CTI app, it just knows that it got there. Similarly when it makes a call it must then use the calling search space assigned to the associated ports, it has no ability to override this or modify it to make a call it's whatever YOU give it.

You need to understand the structure of the IPMA partitions and search spaces but you sure don't have to stick with the names Cisco give them.

Oh and giving your partitions really long names is a bad idea if you eventually pile them all into the same calling search space. There are limitations on the number of characters in a search space as documented in the Design Guide and long partition names will cause you to hit this limit.


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