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IPMA (CM3.3(3)sr4a) & Legacy PABX

Hi, I’m trying to implement IPMA on a site that has extensions scattered on a legacy PABX and CallManager. The problem arises with the Route Point and already existing Route Patterns. At the moment there are route patterns to the legacy PABX for 2xxx, 3xxx etc. The managers extensions are scattered so for example mgr1 has DN2011 and mgr2 DN3011. However DN’s exist for normal users on both phone systems in the same range, i.e. 2012 and 3012. This causes a problem with the Route Point as the documentation states I have to use 201x and 301x, this means when someone dials ext 2012 which is on the legacy PABX they get a busy tone as it gets routed to the IPMA_RP for which 2012 doesn’t exist. The only workaround we could find was to use the actual DN’s for the managers in the Route Point, however doing this disabled the Intercept button on the managers phone.

Any ideas would be appreciated,


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Re: IPMA (CM3.3(3)sr4a) & Legacy PABX


Correct me if I am wrong, but you are trying to setup Man/Sec relationship correct, but when using IPMA you need to set it out on the route pattern. I think what you are going to have to do is breakdown you route digit translation for the specific extension ranges to facilitate the IPMA; ie

- if 717 is the routing code to get your calls to the IP network ( Abridge etc. )

- and your translation table on the PABX looks similiar to this ( ldtt 1/2/3 depending your PABX):

19(node)221 goes to 221X (0-9)

19 " 222 goes to 222X (0-9)

19223 goes to 223x etc you will have to change to:

19221 goes to 221x

192221 - 2221 (ext on PABX)

192222 - 7172222(Manager extension 2222 on IP phone)

192223 - 7172223(Secretary ext 2223 on IP tel)

192224 - 2224 (extn on PABX)

192225 - 2225 "

192226 - 2226 "

192227 - 2227 "

192228 - 7172228(Man ext on IP tel)

192229 - 7172229(Man ext on IP tel)

192220 - 2220

This should make sure that the calls to PABX's get there and the IPMA extension calls reach their destination

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