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New Member

IPMA on CCM 4.1(3) SR2

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to export the personal speed dials added by a user to the IPMA Assistant Console. Looked everywhere (well almost) but can't find out where this info is stored.

I have looked in the SQL database tables (but not all 600+ of them) just the device, speeddials, numplan, users, etc to name but a few.

I have also looked in the LDAP/DC directory and not found out where it is? All I could find here is a few entries of the Fastdials. I looked here because it says in the doc.s that IPMA uses LDAP.

Please help if you have any ideas or suggestions as to where to look as I have run out of ideas.

Thanks and regards


New Member

Re: IPMA on CCM 4.1(3) SR2

The Speed Dials are stored under DC Directory CCN->user_info->assistant_info->MA node in a binary blob (Serivce/Device) format for an individual assistant. IPMA don't have mechanism to copy over these speed dial details to another assistant.

the only possibility to use BARS and do a CCM backup.

New Member

Re: IPMA on CCM 4.1(3) SR2

Hi there,

I currently doing a migration from CM4.0 to CM5.1.

I have around 50 users using the IPMA Assistant Console. I need to port over all their Speeddials in the console.

Anyone done this before? Appreciate any reply... :)

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