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IPMA Service won't start

It shows started under Tomcat services but when I go to a phone configured for the service I get "Cisco IP Manager Assistance Service is currently unavailable". Then I log onto the Callmanager and run a netstat -n. I check for the port 2912 which is the default and the one I use. The Service isn't running. Then I look at the log files and I get all kinds of errors when I did a reboot of the server I get script errors. I've attached the ipma Server log as well.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: IPMA Service won't start

If this service was working and you haven't just changed from DC Directory to an AD integration it looks like the IPMASysUser account password was changed.

If you have just changed to AD integration, you need to create new AD users for several CallManager services, IPMA is one of them.

CCNException: Directory login failed - invalid user credentials.

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Re: IPMA Service won't start

We did an upgrade. How or where do I insert the new user?

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Re: IPMA Service won't start

If you configured CallManager to integrate with Active Directory take a look at this document.

This is an excerpt from the above document on how to change the service passwords after an AD integration...

Step 1 While browsing into the publisher database server, choose Start > Run and enter cmd to open a command prompt. Click OK.

Step 2 Enter the command, CCMPWDChanger.

The Cisco CallManager Password Changer window opens.

Step 3 In the Administrator Password field, enter the password of the user that was created to enable Cisco CallManager to access the directory.

Step 4 Click Next.

The Cisco CallManager Password Changer window displays. The User ID drop-down list box provides the following options: Directory Manager, CCMAdministrator, CCMSysUser, and IPMASysUser.

Step 5 You must change the passwords for the CCMAdministrator, CCMSysUser, and IPMASysUser accounts. From the User ID drop-down list box, choose CCMAdministrator, CCMSysUser, or IPMASysUser.

Step 6 In the New Password field, enter the new password.

Step 7 In the Confirm New Password field, enter the password again.

Step 8 Click OK.

A confirmation message displays.

Step 9 Click OK.

Step 10 For the CCMAdministrator, CCMSysUser, and the IPMASysUser, perform Step 5 through Step 9.

Step 11 Click Exit.

Step 12 Restart the Cisco Call Back, Cisco IPMA, and Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility services on the server on which you installed the plug-in, so the password change takes effect. To restart a service, choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services. Choose a service in the list, right-click the service, and choose Restart.


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