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IPMA wizard

I need to run the IPMA wizard a second time. Is there any way to change the value that says the wizard has already been ran?

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Re: IPMA wizard

I need to know this also.



Re: IPMA wizard

This question has been floating around in the back of my mind for a while, bugging me, so I broke down and imaged up a lab box to test out the IPMA wizard and see where it writes that flag (it's not obvious from the ASP files). I don't normally use the wizard, so I haven't had to undo this before.

Using SQL Enterprise Manager, open up your CCM03XX database. Go into Tables, and find the table named 'Scratch'. Right-click on it, pick Open Table, and pick Return All Rows. There are a lot of lines in this table. The ones you're looking for have 'IPMA-WIZARD-RUN-STATUS' and 'IPMA-STATUS' in the Name column. Delete these rows. There could be multiple instances of them - there is on my database, but I'm pretty sure that's due to me hacking around. At any rate, be sure you kill all instances of those lines.

This will delete all the information that the IPMA Wizard stores on whether or not it's been run and what it was run with. This is not a TAC-supported procedure, so be careful. Obviously, it's a fantastic idea to have a current backup of the system before editing the database on your production cluster.

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