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IPT Questionaire

Hello every body,

Is there any standard quastionare that I can follow to gather all requirments for an IPT implementation from the customer? I have a meeting with a customer for a Cisco IPT solution but need help to know what are the right questions that I have to ask. Could you please help?




Re: IPT Questionaire

Hello Bahman,

I have never seen a form but here are some questions I ask just off the top of my head. Others may chime in with more

1) How many users need phones?

2) How many users need a phone and voicemail?

3) How many fax machines? (For ATAs, etc)

4) What kind of connection to the PSTN do you have?

5) Do you have any remote sites that need to connect back to this phone system? (If yes, found out the type of connection)

6) How many users are at the remote sites?

7) Is there a need for the ability for conference calls? If so how many at one time? How many users per conference?

8) Is there an existing voicemail system that you need to tie in?

9) What type of hardware is being used for gateways to the PSTN

10) Will this system need to be connected to another phone system? If yes, what kind?

This should be enough to get you started and get the basic information. If anyone has anything else please chime in. There will always be more questions to be asked that pertain to each particular situation so please only use this as a general template.

Hope this help.

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Re: IPT Questionaire

Thanks man, it helps a lot. anybody with more questions? Is there any question about LAN/WAN?




Re: IPT Questionaire

Check this tool: Cisco's Steps to Success. This explains all aspects of an IPT project and includes documentation templates for all stages of the project. Very neatly organized.



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Re: IPT Questionaire

Thanks Anup, this is really a great tool. I went almost through every link, but wasn't able to find anything about the questions that we may ask from the customer. Could you please point me to the link which allows me to gather this info?

Thanks again,


Re: IPT Questionaire

I may have had too narrow a focus on you original question. With IPT the need for a good LAN/WAN is paramount.

1) What type of switches are on the network? Can they do QoS

2) What types of routers are used in your WAN? Can they do QoS?

A very thorough network assessment needs to be done to make sure the network can handle voice and data on the same segment

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Re: IPT Questionaire

Hi Bahman,

I just thought I would add a little to the excellent answers you received from Travis and Anup. There is an excellent book from Cisco press that could really help you along this path. Have a look at a few of the excerpts;

Planning for Cisco IP Telephony

To accurately provision the WAN bandwidth, you need to obtain the following information:

What are the various traffic flows across the WAN link?

Are there requirements to give priority treatment for a specific traffic flow?

What is the WAN technology deployed?

What is the current utilization of the WAN link?

What is the choice of the codec and the sampling rate?

How many voice calls are required across the WAN?

Is RTP compression required to save the bandwidth?

The following factors affect power- and environmental-related availability:

Availability and capacity of the power backup systems, such as the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generators

Whether or not network management systems are used to monitor UPS and environmental conditions

Whether recommended environmental conditions such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) for network equipment are maintained

Availability and quality of the surge-protection equipment used in the infrastructure

Natural threats inherent in the geographic location of equipment, such as lightening strikes, floods, earthquakes, severe weather, tornados, or snow/ice/hail storms

Whether the power cabling infrastructure installed is conformant to National Electrical Safety (NEC) and IEEE wiring standards for safety and ground control

Whether during power provisioning process factors such as circuit wattage availability and circuit redundancy for redundant equipment and power supplies are taken into consideration

Reliability of the IPT equipment sourcing the power to the IP Phones

Telephony Features and Applications:

Does the current PBX system support basic functions, such as call forwarding, call transfer, call conferencing, and the following applications:


An internal help desk support group with 10 agents supporting internal IT issues of XYZ

An external help desk support group with 40 agents supporting XYZ product issues

Does the company want the future IPT network to migrate all the legacy applications to the IPT system. In addition, does the compay want to implement the following functionality in the newly built IPT system:

IP phone services

Corporate directory lookup from IP phones

Calendar and other useful services

Extension Mobility feature for mobile users

Cisco IP SoftPhone support for a few users

Hope this helps and Good luck!


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