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iptel testing

Dear sir,

I've 2 mcs7835 and 4 Catalyst 4507R switch and 5 cisco ip phone 7940.All this are new device. I wish to setup an iptel infrastructure and perform call testing. My action plans is to cloned the entire raid 1 hard disk from both working publisher and subscriber. The problems is that i don't have router. Please advise how to do that?

what's OnNet call means?

Your effort shall be highly appreciated. thanks .


Re: iptel testing

an onNet call is a call made from one IP phone to another IP phone on the same network. (ie: it did not have to go out to the PSTN or external network)

as far as a router, verify if your 4507R does have L3 capabilities. you can use that as your router for your network.

what is the cloning of hard disk about? no need to clone a disk, and technically it wont work in CCM unless it is replacing an already existing system of the same exact type.

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Re: iptel testing

Hi Gpulos,

You've clear the onNet questions. thank you.

I don't know how to verify 4507R have L3 capabilities or not. :D but i'll try to find that out. Cloning hard disk means actually we have 1 current working iptel infrastructure with 1 publisher and 2 subscriber. All those CCM running Raid 1 with 2 hard disk mirroring each others. Since right now i have 2 new Mcs7835 . I plan to slot out 1 of the current working mcs7835 publisher hard disk and slot into the nwe mcs7835. Same applies to subscriber. So i'll clone all the settings from there. then i can do testing with connected to the Catalyst4507R . you understand what i trying to do?

thank you very much.

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