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IPTV Output to remote TV monitors

I am setting up an IPTV-based video distribution for a customer and they would like to output video to a group of television monitors all located within the same room. To play an intermix of live captured events and pre-recorded company commercials, I've set up a channel and defined several programs to start in sequence and repeat. This works fine, although there is a pretty good delay between the end of one program and the start of the next.

Anyway, the issue is how to get the output to television monitors. It appears that I have two options for this. One is to use a PC with the IPTV client and some sort of video decoder card to output to the monitor. The other interesting thought is to use the video out port on the IPTV server itself with a video mixer/splitter to output to the group of televisions and multicast the video out to the users on the network.

With the first solution - what decoder boards are people using? Also, when the program changes in the channel, the screen size setting is reset to the default size. Obviously for output to a TV monitor, they would like to set the screen to full-screen and have this maintained for all programs within the channel. Is this possible? I assume there's a setting in the .ini file, but haven't found it as of yet.

I haven't tried using the second option. Anybody tried this yet with the new 1RU servers?

Thanks for any help on this,


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Re: IPTV Output to remote TV monitors

Check with your Cisco rep on the 2nd choice, I'd hate to see you dump a bunch of money into an unsupported solution. As far as the first option, there are many video boards available for PC's with composit video out (or even s-video) to integrate with a TV or monitor. I don't think you'll have to spend a lot of money to get good quality.

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