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IPVC 3540-AS IP config

Morn’n Folks: Well we got our NEW IPVC 3540 with MCU, AS (Application server) with T.120 and Audio Transcoder modules.

Everything went well until I had to config the 3540-AS

I used all the correct? cables from cisco. (Null modem and adapter)

The terminal emulator will not “see” the darn thing to give it an IP address.

On page 3-5 of the IPVC AS module docs it says:

To assign the IP/VC 3540 AS module an IP address, perform the following steps:

Step 1 Insert the COM port adapter cable that comes with the IP/VC 3540 AS module into the COM 1 connector on the front panel. OK

Step 2 Connect the Terminal/Modem cable that comes with the IP/VC 3540 AS module to the COM1 port and the serial port on the computer.???

Step 3 Launch a terminal emulator program such as HyperTerminal.


Step 2 does not make sense to me, specifically the AND part. Am I missing something?

My system admin is also at a loss.

I thank you for your time.

Cary Lahnum, Broadcast Systems Engineer

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Re: IPVC 3540-AS IP config

Hello ,

I have encountered the same problem ,the cable coming with AS module didn't work with it, you should check out pin schematics for null modem cable ( Y cable ) at the end of the manual of AS module.


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