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Is it possible to change the "protocol-side" setting of a vg200?

We have a vg200, with a NM-HDV card, PRI connected to our Nortel PBX (option 21). Both ends refuse to syncronize hence connection never comes up. The debugs show the card attempting to sync, however, the subsequent msgs we receive are:

RX <- BAD FRAME(0x00017F)Line may be looped!

To verify it's not the card in the PBX, we successfully connected it to a DT-24, however, we had to change the protocol-side to 'network' to make it work.

According to our PBX switch provider, the T1 card is set to 'user' and cannot be changed. I'm assuming the vg200 is also set to 'user' which is why they refuse to sync. Which gets back to my original question... is there a way, through the IOS perhaps, to set the vg200 to a protocol side of 'network'?

Cisco Employee

Re: Is it possible to change the "protocol-side" setting of a vg

I believe we only do that for NI and Net5 switch types. That may be changing in the future at some point, but it definitely is not there yet for all isdn protocols.

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Re: Is it possible to change the "protocol-side" setting of a vg

yes--using 12.2 IOS on your VG-200.

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