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Is it possible to send # in the prefix of a dial-peer voice pots in CME 3825?

Hello, first of all thanks in advance, this forum has been really helpfull in previous cases for me.

I have got an Call manager Express model c3825. It’s operating in Mexico D.F. We are using dial-peer configurations to route the calls. Everything were going fine , until we had to route the “emergencies numbers”. In Mexico all the emergency numbers begin with 06X, 07X or 08X.

My operator requires to send this packets:

PBXID + [#11+NIR (3 Digits)] + ME

 90747 + #11055 + EXAMPLE (060)  This is the fireman’s number. At the end, the number shows like this:


The problem we have is that the Operator prefix requires to send #11

The dial peer is configured like below:


dial-peer voice 10 pots

 description Emergency Calls !!!

 destination-pattern 00[6-8].


 port 0/0/0:15

 forward-digits 3

 prefix 90747#1105



We have been speaking to the operator, and they don’t receive the # character, they receive the hexadecimal value “B”.

I’ve been looking for regular expressions, and I found that the back slash (\) indicates to take literally the next symbol, but my CME 3825 doesn’t allow this symbol. I have also tryied this:

dial-peer terminator A, but no result.

I attach a debug dial peer voice 10 pots, calling to the number 071.

My question is, How can I send in the prefix, the symbol “#”? Is it possible, or I can only send as prefix numbers??


Thank you very much.


Do you have tried a voice

Do you have tried a voice translation rule?

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