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Is there a Distribution List scheduler?

I have a situation where a high level person sends out a broadcast voice mail to all subscribers (thousands) during business hours. This, obviously, brings the network to a crawl for 20-30 minutes. (Unity 3.1.5, CM 3.3.3)

Is there a way to schedule a distribution list to send messages to go out at night? Or, is there a way to send out a portion of the list at a time, say 1/3 of the subscribers at first, then another 1/3 30 minutes later?

Cisco Employee

Re: Is there a Distribution List scheduler?

Unity just hands the message off to Exchange/Domino here and it does the message sending - we don't get in between here so we can't delay messages for you.

Certainly the sender can do a future delivery message here and it wouldn't get delivered until later but I'm doubting this "high level person" would be real keen on doing that when addressing a message.


Re: Is there a Distribution List scheduler?

There isn't a way to schedule it. What is your messaging backed and topology? What on the network is brought to a crawl?

Re: Is there a Distribution List scheduler?

The topology is one main site with all the servers. There are many remote sites, each with a PBX,which points the call to the main site after 3 rings. This network is only used for vmail and vmail notification. During a broadcast, notification is slow, some subscribers get the wrong mailbox, the 800 number to retrieve vmail is busy, or you get a busy when trying to leave a vmail. How can I, or can I, set it up so that the broadcast goes out later at night?

Cisco Employee

Re: Is there a Distribution List scheduler?

As noted, unless the sender specifically requests future delivery options you can't force the message to go out later - same deal if you send an email to a distribtuion list from the desktop - once it's been submitted to the messaging sub system (Exchange) it's going to be delivered. Unity doesn't have any provision to insert it's own delays before handing messages off to Exchange.

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