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Is there a way to check on Future delivery VM ?

Client has a Unity 3.13 box and has brought up a good point while we are preparing the transition from Octel to Unity. Unity 3.13 is a VM only solution. Is there a way for a normal user to check for his/her VM intended to be delivered at a later time from the TUI? (I will have no problem with that in a UM enviroment since it will be found in the Outbox, but VM, i don't know).<br><br>Any question: Is there a way for the administrator in this VM enviroment to connect to users' VM via Outlook from a remote desktop (I think i recall Outlook is NOT recommended to be installed on the server anymore)? Reason I ask is the administrators would like to able to clear things from their box if necessary.<br><br><br><br>Systems Engineer


Re: Is there a way to check on Future delivery VM ?

There's no way to check for pending messages via the phone interface at this point and this isn't on the roadmap anywhere I know of.

You can use Outlook for anywhere to check someone else's messages... with Exchange 55 this is easy you just need to have Exchange Admin services rights and you can open anyone's mailbox from your own Outlook instance (just use the Open | Other Users Folder menu option to open new inbox windows).

In Exchange 2000 this is a little trickier. Check out this KB article on the MSDN site for more details about ways you can give an account access to everyone's mailbox:

Q262054 “How to get ‘service account’ access to all mailboxes in Exchange 2000".;EN-US;q262054

(BTW - this is the same process you have to go through to use DiRT to backup and restore messages. The DiRT training videos show how to do this using one particular method I prefer).

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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