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Is there a way to have a redundant ICD?


can someone tell me how it would be possible to have a redundant ICD? Can I have a primary and redeundant ICD or do I need to actually have two CMs with ICDs installed?

Also, how hard would it be to have a stand-alone ICD system? Is it feasible?




Re: Is there a way to have a redundant ICD?

I couldn't find any document which says that redundancy in ICD is possible. I guess, you are right. You might need to have 2 CMs with ICDs installed for that. Maybe somebody who have configured it in such a way can share their experiences.

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Re: Is there a way to have a redundant ICD?

Yup It is possible to have redundant ICD. U will need 2 physical ICD servers one with the active ICD application and the other with the same application disabled. In the Call manager u must specify 2 jtapi one each for both servers. Plese note that the Rpoute point and CTI ports will be different for both the jtapi. Lets say if the Active ICD servber fails what will happen is that the agents will get a message "Unable to contact jtapi or CM". The Route point for the active ICD application must forward all to the disabled application Routepoint. Then enable the application in the back up ICD server. The agents will then log in with the same id but with the IP address of the back up server. I have tried it this way and it works..


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