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Is there a way to modify greeting with audio app

We recorded a bunch of call handler greetings today. They all ended up having crackling noises. I have a tac case open to resolve this. I was hoping to be able to edit those greetings with an audio application to clean them up and remove those noises. However I just discovered that they were stored in .stm format. Is there any way those filescan be edited and modified?<br>I also wanted to move one of the greeting to a diferent unity server thinking it would be a wav file. Can I just copy the .STM to the other server?<br><br>Thanks <br><br>


Re: Is there a way to modify greeting with audio app

Unfortunately in 2.x it's not easy dealing with the audio files... in 3.x everything is straight WAV files that can be managed normally.

The easiest way to get a greeting from system A to system B in 2.x is to use the media master control in the SA. Use the "paste to file" and "past from file" function to save the greteing out to a WAV file and then import it in on the target system.

You could do the same thing to get things into WAVs that can be cleaned up but it's a bit tedious to do this one at a time. There's no auto convert tool handy for the .STM files.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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