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Is there a way to monitor VoIP calls in Cisco 1700 series routers?

A small number of sites in our network are using Cisco 1720 and 1750 series routers with the FXO and FXS cards to run VoIP. Is there a way to monitor the number of calls and call lengths over a long period of time so that we can see if users are actually using the VoIP services? If there is no way to do this in the router itself, can you recommend a software package that might do this.


Re: Is there a way to monitor VoIP calls in Cisco 1700 series ro

You can setup the router to collect accounting record for H323

connection using aaa. This can be sent as CDR records to a radius

or syslog server for reviewing.

Here is a sample config.

service timestamps log datetime msec localtime


aaa new-model

aaa authentication login default none

aaa accounting connection h323 start-stop radius

gw-accounting syslog



ntp server

You can use no logging console to disable cdr logs to console as they may be quite disturbing

if you have lot of active calls whiole working from console.

This information would show you called and callilng station id, number and connection time.


!--- The following output is for the forward call leg

Jun 18 11:15:02.867: %VOIPAAA-5-VOIP_CALL_HISTORY: CallLegType 1, ConnectionId BA55719E

F8C10015 0 1B1E08, SetupTime 11:14:39.367 UTC Mon

Jun 18 2001, PeerAddress 68575, PeerSubAddress , DisconnectCause 10 , DisconnectText

normal call clearing., ConnectTime 11:14:49.707 UTC Mon

Jun 18 2001, DisconnectTime 11:15:02.867 UTC Mon Jun 18 2001, CallOrigin 2,

ChargedUnits 0, InfoType 2, TransmitPackets 1509, TransmitBytes 102600,

ReceivePackets 1510, ReceiveBytes 138920

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