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Issues backing up SQL databases using DiRT


I have a couple of customers that are using DiRT to backup the Unity config to a SAN.

Both customers are experiencing the same error: DiRT fails on copying the Unitydb SQL file. The following error is seen in the application log:

Event Type: Error


Event Category: (2)

Event ID: 17055

Date: 04-Apr-03

Time: 11:13:10

User: AD\svc_unityinstall

Computer: MNGHUNIP001



BackupDiskFile::CreateMedia: Backup device 'E:\UnityDBBackUp.sql' failed to create. Operating system error =5(Access is denied.).

This looks to be a permissions issue concerning access to the share.

I am running the DiRT utility using an account that is a member of the local admin group and that has read/write access to the SAN share but it fails.

What context does the DiRT utility run under? Does the DiRT utility use the account you are logged in with to copy/write the SQL backup files or use a local system account?



Cisco Employee

Re: Issues backing up SQL databases using DiRT

Yes, DiRT uses the account you're logged in as (or assigned to the task if you've scheduled it to run) - that error is being thrown by SQL, however - I'm just calling a stored proc in SQL to do the backup and it's apparently getting that error back. You may check the account that's associated with the SQL services in the SCM and see if adding them to have rights to the share works ok.

Also, folks tend to have better luck using straight UNC instead of a share when stuff like this comes up - you may want to try that instead. Be sure to get the lastest versions of DiRT backup and restore off - the UNC capability wasn't fully there in some older versions.

New Member

Re: Issues backing up SQL databases using DiRT

The SQL services in the W2k services window (I assume SCM is the same thing?) are running using the local service account. Can these services run as another account that is a member of the local admin group and has access to the SAN share without affecting Unity?



Cisco Employee

Re: Issues backing up SQL databases using DiRT

Try the UNC first, of course... but yes, the SQL services can be running under a domain account no problem - Unity doesn't care - the AvCsMgr service is a member of local admins which has rights to access the databases as needed regardless of which account the SQL services are running under. If SQL is up and running, we're happy.

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