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It is possible to route a VoIP call trough ethernet port, on a MC 3810 (FXO Connection)?

A MC 3810, connected via LAN with a 3600 Router, the MC3810 is connected to a PBX trough FXO interfaces, is it possible to place a call, from Router MC3810 to Router 3600 via LAN Interface ?

------ ------- ------

|3640|---LAN------|MC3810|-FXO-|PBX |

------ ------- ------


Re: It is possible to route a VoIP call trough ethernet port, on

If connected to the PBX via FXO, then you can only make outbound calls towards the PBX as fxo would not generate a dialtone or colect digit from the PBX. Communication in this case would be in one direction i.e.from the

c3600--to--mc3800--to--PBX--to --(phone or PSTN)

1. If you have FXS phone on the mc3810 then yes you can orginate calls on the mc3810 towards the c3660.

2. If you have only FXO on the MC3810 then you can trunk this FXO ports to the remote FXS port and calls coming from PBX through the FXO port can be trunked over IP to the equivalent remote FXS port.

3. If the remote FXS port on 3600 is off-hook, dialtone is sourced from the PBX since its been trunked to the FXO port. The IP cloud thus appear as a long piece of wire connectiing the remote FXS to the PBX.

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