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ITS and analog FXO

I was wondering what the trick is in allowing my 7960 to dial out via the FXO on my 2600 using ITS. The port going to the PSTN does provide dial-tone, so I know this is an issue with my FXO. However, I haven't been able to figure it out to where I can make off-net calls, as well as accept calls via the PSTN.

Any ideas? I've gone throught the standard configs, but it seems that nothing works to allow me to complete a call. Basically, my FXO port goes off-hook, however I get no ringback, and the destination number does not ring.




Re: ITS and analog FXO


For OUtbound calls to the PSTN, you have to have a pots dial peer with the destaination pattern and the port so the router can route the call out to the analog interface.

For inbound calls you can do a connection plar on the voice port and route the calls to one number :

connection plar 5000 will route all calls hitting that port to extension 5000 which will be one of your extensions.

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Re: ITS and analog FXO

Thanks.. I have had my dial-peers configured already via the recommended settings. However, I am still having trouble dialing outbound even through my dest-pattern is set for 9T or +760.......

In both cases, it seems that the called party does not receive the call, and the calling party does not receive a ring-back.

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Re: ITS and analog FXO

Try setting your destination-pattern to "9" This should give you a secondary dialtone from the provider and then you can dial your destination phone number.

A destination-pattern preceded by a "+" often matches international numbers. I don't know what the implications are with an analog interface, but there have been problems in the past with using "+".



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