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ITS - Translational Pattern and CODEC issue

We are going to installa an ITS multisite solution. I have two big doubt:

1) IS it possible to configure some feature similar to TRanslational pattern in CM to use short number instead of the longers? I know that there are the translation rule but there is a big limitation on the number of element.

2) In our multisite envroment with a central gatekeeper and the need of CONFERENCE between the site, the codec must be G711 everywhere and always OR could be possible some way to use G711 only when I have to do conference (therefore when I push the relative button on the phone) and use g729 in all other situation?

Thanks in advance for any help.



Re: ITS - Translational Pattern and CODEC issue

For the first question, I feel, translation patterns is the right option. Not sure of any other one.

For the second question, as far as I know, I guess, you cannot choose the codec based on the applications like you have discussed about using G711 for conference and G729 otherwise.

Hope this helps.


Re: ITS - Translational Pattern and CODEC issue

You can use translational patterns or dialplan patterns for did ranges on the ITS system. As of 12.2.11T and the introduction of enhanced translation rules, you can do almost anything with the translation rules, they are much more fleixble than the previous ones.

You cannot use g711 only when wanting to conference, you have to also use it on the call.

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Re: ITS - Translational Pattern and CODEC issue


only a question: when you speak about transational pattern, do you mean dialplan pattern, isn't it? I can not see transational pattern command on the ITS SW ! And, what do you mean that I can use Dialplan patten for DID ranges? It's not possible to use them for other number transation, for example 2XXX to mobile phone number of some employee?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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