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ITSP to ITSP in VOIP wholesale enviorment

I am trying to connect an incoming VoIP carrier through my Gateway to terminate a call to my VoIP termination supplier. It looks like this

Customer GW ---> MyGateway or GK ----> Termination GW

I do not own the origionation or termination gateway. When I attempt to connect GW-->GW-->GW I get an error "cannot gateway iftype 1 to 1 for cid xx".

When I try to go via the gatekeeper I get the error message "call rejected" on the gateway. The RAS debug on the Gatekeeper returns "CalledPartyNotRegistered".

There has to be a simple method of connecting VoIP customer to my supplier via my network (for billing, etc). The only options I have seen or OSP which is very expensive.. Can this be done via Radius or some other configuration?

I defined an inbound voip dial peer and outbound voip dial peer with the session traget of the termination gateway (this is where I get the error messages)..

Can someone direct me to the correct documenation or lead me down the correct path?

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Re: ITSP to ITSP in VOIP wholesale enviorment

I am afraid you right.

You are facing a problem that allot of us in the ITSP space are having till Cisco will come out with IP2IP gw (Border gateway solution).

In the time been you can choose doing the following it is not the best and might disclose you network topology (Security issue).

You started correct by introducing you GK as the zone controller for both GW. From the error you have listed you probably didn't register each gateway entity to your zone.

Please do so on each of the gateways and verify that by typing the command "sho gatekeeper endpoints".

Hope I helped you,


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Re: ITSP to ITSP in VOIP wholesale enviorment

That is what I was thought. I did have the end points registered. My gateway and my customer gateway. It looks like you cannot do anything becuause it is still trying to gateway hope, meaning my gateway is not the actual terminating gateway. Now I am trying to put up and OSP server (buying one is very expensive) but I found on called OpenOSP the was, inpart, developed by cisco. This should allow me to do the connections directly between my customer gw and my provider gw without disclosing the actual IP address to either. I believe that I will have to have them make some configuration changes to Thier GW but and see how open they are to that. It does seem silly that Cisco would not build this feature into thier product line.

Of course the other problem to work around with OSP is how to connect to my other networks that are connected via gatekeeper without having to do back-to-back gateways, which is a completely useless design because of post dial delay and call quality. If I figure it out.. I will let you know.. if you have any suggestions I would be greatful.

Thanks for your reply.


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