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IVR Application Challenge...need help

Hi Everybody, my boss gived to me a challenge (well, that seems to me). He told me that he has seen an IVR application that, restricts the access to long distance and movile phone calls.

This is what i need to do:

A user dial the long distance or cell phone call, then the IVR answer the call. My script get the ID, PIN and permissons on a Database and depending on the permisons the script places the call.

My current results:

I have a Traslation pattern that have declared the digits to identify a long distance and cell phone calls, this tralation pattern redirects the call to the CTI Route point, this one pass the call to the CTI Port (obiously) the script answer the call and have a Get Call Contact Info Step, this capture the "Original Called Number" (That supose to do), then go to a process that validate the user ID and PIN on a SQL table. If the validation proceed then it fwd or place the call.

This is not working, when the Script answer the Original Called Number value is the same CTI Route Point, obviously im doing a TRASLATION PATTERN this is not a call forward.

The need:

What i think im doing wrong is that theres nothing passing the dialed number, and i think that there it is my real need.

The challenging question:

Does anyone knows how could i have this value passed on the IVR Script? Or Does anyone have any idea to atack the problem described on the "This is what i need to do" section on my post?

I will apreciate the information that you could give me and the comments to feedback and if you have a isue like this one let me know.


Re: IVR Application Challenge...need help

I have a script that will accomplish this for you. E-mail me at

Andy - Berbee

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