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IVR - Interactive voice response

I'd like to know if someone have ever installed Cisco IP IVR in a MCS7835 running Cisco Call Manager

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Re: IVR - Interactive voice response

I have installed the Cisco IP IVR version 2.1.1 with Cisco Call Manager 3.0.9 on an MCS7835 server.

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Re: IVR - Interactive voice response

Greetings Benjamin,

I am having some problems when I try to add an application in the Application Administration page.

I have followed all instructions to configure the Cisco IP IVR, from Cisco home page.

In my workstation I created one IVR flow and I uploaded it to the LDAP Directory, than in the "Generic Applications" link when I'm trying to put the flow in action I select the flow and I get the following error:


Java Exception error '80004005' Unhandled exception

/appadmin/scriptAppDetail.asp, line 560


If you can give me a clue I would be very greatfull to you!

Thanks in advance,

Rui André - Portugal.

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Re: IVR - Interactive voice response


I must admit I have not come across the problem that you are encountering. All that I can advise you to do is to pay clsoe attention to

Check your trace files on the Application Administrator. This might reveal a better idea of the problem.

In addition , check your

DC directory

CTI Route Points

Ensure that the script has been loaded in the Repository Manager

Check the names of the scripts and the application that you are attemppting to load

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Re: IVR - Interactive voice response

It is a very boring problem.

Our situation is this:

In DC Directory we have some question marks in some points regarding the Directory Profile we made, namely "iaqjtapi", and others related with "jtapi".

I do not know if it is normal, but in the page where we start or stop the engine, never shows subsystems. Always says: "Unavailable". When I try to start the Engine I receive this message:

"Start unsuccessful(80004005)

The application engine is currently: Stopped "

Another thing, the ivr flows I made and uploaded are in DC Directory.

Now I am going to check the CTI Route Points and CTI Ports in Call Manager.

I hope you keep in touch,


Rui André.

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Re: IVR - Interactive voice response

We decided to make a new instalation.

I know that in the root directory (c:\) of the MCS7835 there is a file called CiscoInstall.txt where it is registered the instalation progress.

In the first instalation, there was a line:

[5-7-2001 18:25:46] Install the WFCCNEngine Service: "C:\Program Files\wfavvid\WFCCNEngineService.exe" /service /username=CISCOSERVER\Administrator /password=*

[5-7-2001 18:25:49] WFCCNEngine Service FAILED to register

Now we this second instalation we have got:

[5-11-2001 10:01:25] Install the WFCCNEngine Service: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce="C:\Program Files\wfavvid\WFCCNEngineService.exe" /service /username=CISCOSERVER\Administrator /password=*

This never hapened, and I supose that everithing is OK this time.

For now I will have to wait until the closing time of our company to reboot the MCS7835.

Visit and tell me news.

Thanks one more time and I will tell you how it works when I reboot the machine.

Rui André.

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Re: IVR - Interactive voice response


Whenever I am going to add new Application in Generic Applications.

Then its giving Java Exception error '80004005' Unhandled exception .

If you have solution Please mail me I must be thankful to you.

Thanks in advance


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Re: IVR - Interactive voice response

Hi Benjamin - I also work for BT in Manchester - I'm part of the design solutions team for AVVID and have just installed Cisco IP IVR on CM 3.0.8 - my question may seem stupid but when taking option 2 of the menu how are users supposed to enter details of the name they require - the documentation is very hazy !!

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Re: IVR - Interactive voice response

hi ipeers,

For option2, assume the name of the user you want to call is "Cisco Tac", u have to key in 247# (or more digit if you want). The appl. will seach for all character match with 247 and give you the name for choose.

hope this help.

Eric Lam

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