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Jitter and Fraction Lost in RTCP Sender Reports

Users are complaining of poor video quality and sessions being dropped. Quality is reported poor on point-to-point calls using H.263 and very poor on H.261 calls through an MCU. The RTCP Sender reports from several stations including the MCU show 0 interarrival jitter and 0 fraction lost. Several other stations however which are complaining of the worst guality have jitter ranging from 67-254198 and fraction lost reported as 1-36 when several minutes worth of RTCP SR reports are viewed.

The switches (3524) and Layer 3 switch (8540) in the path show zero physical errors, queue drops, ignores, etc. and the CPU numbers are down in the single digit range.

- What is a general guideline for Jitter being too high?

- What is a general guideline for fraction lost and when is it too high?

-What units are jitter expressed in?

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