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JMF - AVReceive/AVTrasmit


i'm developing an application that uses jmf.

I don't understand how to open an RTP session(receinve or trasmit) from a remote host/phone.

In the example code there is:

localAddr = new SessionAddress (InetAddress.getLocalHost().....????)

I don't want trasmit or receive from the local host but i'd like to launch the application on my computer and so to start a rtp trasmission between 2 remote phones.



Re: JMF - AVReceive/AVTrasmit

Then you're looking at the wrong example. To create an RTP stream between a phone and another phone, send a CiscoIPPhoneExecute containing an RTPTx command to the phone that's supposed to send out traffic, and an RTPRx command to the phone that's supposed to receive the stream.

For more information on these commands, please refer to the SDK documentation:

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Re: JMF - AVReceive/AVTrasmit

I used CiscoIPPhoneExecute but i had problems with different firmware versions and so i'd like use jtapi: the final application is more complicate (i want that a cti port calls a Phone .. ringing... an when the destination phone/connection is active the user listens audio file "Good morning!". AlarmClock).

Is possible to do it with jmf?

i read that you modified the AVTrasmit file....

Could you help me?

Re: JMF - AVReceive/AVTrasmit

Well.. you have to take it from that I posted here several times. It only does G.711 though (see why:, it takes a while to initiate a streaming session, and above all, your description is all wrong. You can't run a JMF app on PC1, and to have it trigger an RTP stream between PC2 and a phone.. for that you'd need the RTP streaming app on PC2, and it would have to offer some remote means to start a stream.

If you know JTAPI and understand AVTransmit2 then all that is left to be done is put the two together.

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Re: JMF - AVReceive/AVTrasmit

the file that you posted here has expired.. i can't download it.

Can you send me it?

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