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JTAPI answer forwarded call


I've written a small app that registers as a CTI PORT and accepts calls, confers with a hunt group and then transfers once the call has been picked up by the hunt. (essentially creating hold music for the customer until someone in the hunt answers the call).

I'd like to get 10 of these running simultaniously however cti ports can't belong to a hunt group - so my next thought was to add a forward ctifailure/forward busy/forward no answer to chain the cti ports together, but my problem is this:

I can't get my application to answer a forwarded call - I can see the callchangedevents for it, but where I'd have answered the call for a normal call I get null when I do a getConnections(), obviously this means I can't transfer the call.

is there a better (or easier) way to do this? or can anyone provide me with some insight as to why answering a forwarded call might not be working for me?

thanks in advance

this is running on CUCM6

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