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JTAPI Call on CTI routepoint cannot be answered apparently


I have a CTI route point and I'd like to do the following:

- if a phone calls this CTI route point it accepts and answers the call

- after answering it starts to play a WAV media via RTP

I've studied JTAPI API and some discussions (e.g. and followed it.

1. I add a CallControlCallObserver as CallObserver to Address of RP

2. I add a TerminalObserver to RP terminal (which is a CiscoRouteTerminal)

3. I catch CallCtlConnOfferedEv and accept call.

4. I catch  CallCtlTermConnRingingEv and call answer() on terminal connection.

5. CiscoMediaOpenLogicalChannelEv and CiscoRTPOutputStartedEv will be generated well and I start to push media.

Apparently everything is fine, I can hear media on caller phone BUT caller phone won't stop ringing (I can hear media from RP and ringing at the same time) and caller phone will break the call in some seconds.

What can be the problem?

Here is the log about events:

***|DEBUG|EVENT - TermEv[1073745924] - CiscoTermOutOfServiceEv, Terminal(?)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - TermEv[1073745923] - CiscoTermInServiceEv, Terminal(?)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[101] - CallActiveEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[106] - ConnCreatedEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[109] - ConnInProgressEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[211] - CallCtlConnOfferedEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|    -------> Accepted                                                                <<<<< here called cconn.accept();

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[106] - ConnCreatedEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[105] - ConnConnectedEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[206] - CallCtlConnEstablishedEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[104] - ConnAlertingEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[203] - CallCtlConnAlertingEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[116] - TermConnCreatedEv TOTH_RP, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[119] - TermConnRingingEv TOTH_RP, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[218] - CallCtlTermConnRingingEvImpl TOTH_RP, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|    -------> Answering(TOTH_RP)                                                <<<<< here called  tcev.getTerminalConnection().answer();

***|DEBUG|EVENT - TermEv[1073758213] - CiscoMediaOpenLogicalChannelEv, Terminal(RINGING)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - TermEv[1073758211] - CiscoRTPOutputStartedEv, Terminal(RINGING)

***|DEBUG|MRP: CiscoRTPOutputStartedEv

***|DEBUG|MRP: RemoteAddr:

***|DEBUG|MRP: Start Hash: 186115/1

***|DEBUG|CiscoRTPOutputStartedEv: MEDIA_DETAILS: codec=4, bitrate=1

***|DEBUG|    -------> Answered.

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[105] - ConnConnectedEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[206] - CallCtlConnEstablishedEv, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[115] - TermConnActiveEv TOTH_RP, Call(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[219] - CallCtlTermConnTalkingEv TOTH_RP, Call(ACTIVE)

Created RTP session: 25570

***|DEBUG|EVENT - TermEv[1073758212] - CiscoRTPOutputStoppedEv, Terminal(ACTIVE)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[107] - ConnDisconnectedEv, Call(INVALID)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[205] - CallCtlConnDisconnectedEv, Call(INVALID)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[117] - TermConnDroppedEv TOTH_RP, Call(INVALID)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[215] - CallCtlTermConnDroppedEv TOTH_RP, Call(INVALID)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[107] - ConnDisconnectedEv, Call(INVALID)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[205] - CallCtlConnDisconnectedEv, Call(INVALID)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[102] - CallInvalidEv, Call(INVALID)

***|DEBUG|EVENT - CallEv[103] - CallObservationEndedEv, Call(INVALID)

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