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Jtapi IVR prompt management

I am currently trying to create a prompt management app. I want to be able to play and record prompts via a CTI port. I have browsed the forums and looked at the jtapi dev doc and apparently missing a critical piece.

what method(s) do I invoke using jtapi to allow for the cti port to accept a g711 stream?

My big problem is not so much IP Phone calls to a CTI port but calls coming from an MGCP or H323 gateway that hit the application. I guess I am not understanding how I can stream RTP to a PSTN connection?

I have seen in the forum where one can use the posted by Steiner (very cool sir). So this assumably will stream a designated wave file over g711 to an IP address. How do I make a CTI port "listen" to this stream thus playing it for the caller.

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Re: Jtapi IVR prompt management

You application needs to register with the media terminal (which is what the CTI port is), if I remember correctly. You application will then be alerted to any calls to the port and be able to set RTP parameters to the media terminal, specifying itself as the media source/sink. message flows at:

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