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JTAPI Speaker and Mic

I am developing JTAPI SoftPhone. Right now the JTAPI phone register with the call manager, register DN and that call can be intantiated as I am using CiscoMediaTerminal. How do I add speaker and Mic so that I can communicate with the SoftPhone...

Also let me know if there is any JTAPI eBooks that can be downloaded


Re: JTAPI Speaker and Mic

JTAPI only handles call control, not media playback. For media, you have to resort to a framework that supports RTP streaming. Since you're using JTAPI, JMF is the first tha comes to mind. If you search this forum, you'll find an example from me on how to stream wave files and data from the microphone via RTP (G.711, but G.723 and G.729 could be added, there are JMF plugins for that purpose). Likewise, JMF will help with the reception of such data (as in an incoming call). JMF stands for Java Media Framework:

Naturally, there are other frameworks like WinRTP and I'm sure there are commercial APIs as well.

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Re: JTAPI Speaker and Mic

Thanks Stephan for you answer,

I am looking for your expample on JTAPIs.....

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