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JTAPI works on CM-SIM?

I\'m new to VOIP and I\'m developing an CTI IP Phone services application using JTAPI. I have the Call manager simulator that comes with the CISCO IPPhone services book. Can I install the JTAPI client plugin for the Call manager on CM-Sim? If not, is there way I can develop JTAPI application without purchasing the CISCO Call Manager Software?


Re: JTAPI works on CM-SIM?

>If not, is there way I can develop JTAPI application without purchasing the CISCO Call Manager Software?


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Re: JTAPI works on CM-SIM?

This is a shame.

I work for a Cisco partner and Cisco is doing to run from them. We developed a CCM-based application for a customer a couple of years ago that now they considered "essential" for their business. It was developed for CCM 4.1, and now they want to move to 6.x, but unless that we proved them that the application that we developed works fine with 6.x they won't do the move.

We have a 5-user CCM 4.1 that we bought for the development and test of the application.

To test that works in 6.x we have to buy another test environment since we can't upgrade our current environment while we still maintain and develop for the 4.1-based version.

Curiously, we have already tested for Avaya's IPT platform, as well for Asterisk, since both allow us to develop and test IPT applications for their platforms without buying the hardware and licenses.

By the way, after changing few idiosyncracies, it works great on Avaya. Maybe our customer should move to Avaya....

Anyway. If the application is pure JTAPI 1.2, try using old version of Asterisk, those based in JTAPI 1.2, like CCM. The behaviour is quite similar.



Re: JTAPI works on CM-SIM?

If you're a Cisco partner, you should have no trouble getting an NRF kit - they're not so expensive. And CCM 6 actually includes a bunch of licenses - so you could take the software you get for any client and install it in the lab.. they specifically included a (too low imho though.. and most partners agreed when this came up in the PBT last spring) number of licenses so that you can set up a test environment without having to buy additional licenses. IIRC, you get 50 DLUs out of the box (whereas you didn't get anything with CCM 5.x)

And technically, you don't really need the license for any CCM 4.x - the software doesn't need a license file, and you get the phone licenses with the phones. We even get a virtual machine with CCM and CRS co-resident free of charge from Cisco back in the day - so the cost for the development environment only amounts to having the necessary hardware to run this VM, and of course the phones (a cost you should not forego because different phones act differently.. while IPC is a great way to develop, once you're done, you must test it on the phones the client has) - but there once again as a partner you can buy phones under the NFR program, which greatly reduces the cost (or just borrow some phones from the lab where your colleagues do their staging).

We've yet to try but I figure it should be possible to create an image from a physical CCM 6 server and then run this as a VM as well.

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