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Known limit on number of partition in CSS?

Anyone knows if there are limit on the number of partition listable in a CSS? We received a pop-up alert that tells the max number of "CSS digit" has been reach and we cannot add other partition to that CSS!

The problem is big because this is a multisite installation and each site has his own partition so new sites!!!




Re: Known limit on number of partition in CSS?

There is a maximum number of character that can appear in a calling search spcae of 1024.

However this limit includes delimeters in the database, so : between every partition is also counted. see the extract below.

Try making your partition names shorter.

The maximum length of the combined CSS clause (device and pattern) comprises 1024 characters, including separator characters between each partition name (for example, "partition 1:partition 2:partition 3"). Because the CSS clause uses partition names, the maximum number of partitions in a CSS varies depending on the length of the partition names. Also, because the CSS clause combines the CSS of the device and the CSS of the route pattern, the maximum character limit for an individual CSS specifies 512 (half of the combined CSS clause limit of 1024 characters).


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Re: Known limit on number of partition in CSS?

Many thanks. This thing is very interesting but ...non so good because if you need to add, let's say 100 have to use 5 digit name for them so it's not very nice. Hovewer, now we will reduce the name of all the partitions we created and let you know.


PS: But is it an internal info or you found it on some document?

Re: Known limit on number of partition in CSS?

It's in the call manager system guide page 12-3

I believe that this limitation has always been there.

i always try to keep my partition names down short anyway. Why not use a partition to link between search spaces, so that if the number can't be found in one search space it cascades over into another. It can get quite complicated but it means you can keep on extending.


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Re: Known limit on number of partition in CSS?

thanks a lot. Only two thing:

1) what do you mean for "partition to link between search spaces"? How can I do it? Divide all the big CSS in two smaller, ok, but how can I "merge" them?

2) what do you mean for CSS in PATTERN ??? I know about CSS in device, ok, but there are not CSS in Route pattern so, to what is related the others 512 digit you speak about?

Thanks again for the support,


Re: Known limit on number of partition in CSS?

It's a bit tricky not knowing your set-up and why you need a calling search space with over 100 entries for a route pattern but here's my solution to your problem.







Calling search spaces

CSS_calls - Partition_1

CSS_1 - Partition_2,partition_3,partition_4, Partition_link

CSS_2 - Partition_5

Translation Patterns

TP 22 - partition_1 - CSS_1

TP 22 - partition_link - Css_2

So if someone has a CSS_calls and calls 22, first it will look to find a match through all the partitions in CSS_1, then it will use the partition_link and find TP 22 in that partition and carry on in CSS_2

I realise it's a bit of a fudge but it does work.

Like I said I don't know your particular set-up so you'll need to experiment a bit.


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