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Lamp Blink Rate

Does anyone know how to use the values for the 'tkLampBlinkRate_MessageWaiting' field in the NumPlan table? I am looking into the possibility of having different blinking rates on different lines, so if anyone knows how to do that any help would be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Lamp Blink Rate

Not sure what you are trying to do. This is what tells the phone to display "you have a voice mail" and light the mwi. Maybe the attribute name is misleading but to my knowledge that is all it does. If it is set to 1 then Mwi is off and if it is set to 2 Mwi is on.

Thank you,


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Re: Lamp Blink Rate

It is a feature on some phone systems where the lamp light has different flash rates.

For example if you have 1 voicemail light every 5 seconds, 50 voicemails light every second.

If you have 1 call on hold in the queue flash every 10 seconds, 500 callers in the que flash every second.

HTH -jason

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Re: Lamp Blink Rate

What my client was looking to do was to have different notifications per line appearance. Secretary A wants her boss's line appearance to blink at a different rate than her own. And several other applications that they are asking about of similar operation.

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