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Last access time to Mailbox


a customer wants to clean up his unity VM system. Is there a possibility to see the last access time of the user.

In Exchange in the Mailbox Store I see in Logons the fields Last Access time and Logon Time and in Mailboxes the fields Last Logon Time and Last Logoff Time. Some Mailboxes are never loggeed out or logged in for 4 weeks or longer. How is this possible in a VM System. Which field can I use to see the real last time the user listen to his voice Mail.

thanks Achim

Cisco Employee

Re: Last access time to Mailbox

Check out the "Subscriber Information Dump" tool on (or it'll be in the tools depot on your desktop if you have a recent version of Unity installed).

One of the fields you can dump out is the time of the last login - this is stored in SQL when you sign into your mailbox over the phone which should tell you what you want to know.

Unity logs into mailboxes and stays logged in for monitoring purposes which renders the fields you're looking at in Exchange useless for your purposes here...

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