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Latency's affect on voice quality...

This might be a stretch, but maybe point me to the proper website for such info. --My mother in law has Vonage VoIP service using the Linksys/Cisco appliance that Vonage gives out. Her inbound voice (hearing others talk) works fine. However, her outbound voice (when she talks to someone) has sunk to a level that it sounds like a long-lost eskimo dialect from 4000 years ago. Does anyone have pointers as to what I can look at, from a cabling standpoint, that might have an effect on the stability of the RF signal, and the effect it has on latency, if any? I'd like to do as much as I can, before I plead on my knees in front of Comcast.


VIP Purple

Re: Latency's affect on voice quality...

Take a look at the following link. It explains some of the details of latency, jitter, and packet loss and the acceptable levels that voice communications will tolerate.

Unfortunately, in your case you can only control these issues on your LAN. When you hit the Comcast network, you have no control.


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