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LDAP directory integration

If I integratate CallManager to my Active Directory, will the following happen:

- if I create a new user in Active Directory and enter in a phone number, then go into CallManager and associate a phone with a person in AD.

When I press the directory button on the IP phone, will the persons name apprear with the extension they are assigned from if I use this type of integration? (is it pulling the information from ad or from CallManager? Or is the Directory button completely seperate and we need to configure the SDK pack XML interface.

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Re: LDAP directory integration

Here is a link to CM and AD integration. Best practices call for the CM to remain outside the domain as workgroup servers. The integration is via CM plug-in.

Re: LDAP directory integration

yeah, I know how to integrate it, but what I am looking for is how the Directory button will work then on the IP phone. Corporate Directory, where does it pull from? AD or the internal CallManager directory?


Re: LDAP directory integration

AD, actually where the Directoryconfiguration.ini and regedit points.

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Re: LDAP directory integration

Simple answer to your question...yes! :o)

When you install the AD plugin, the CallManagers directory (DCD) is no longer used for anything.

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Re: LDAP directory integration

Make sure you are editing the Phone Number field under the 'General' tab and not the Telephone fields under the 'Telephones' tab.

Re: LDAP directory integration

I think I got my question answered... long story short.. Directory Integration will give me:

- corporate directory (whatever is published in AD

- Extension Mobility with authentication from AD

And that's it from what I can see. My goal was to have Directory integration where I could add a new user in AD, fill in their phone number, associate them with a Phone in CallManager and have this work:

- line txt for caller ID pull from AD

- Line lables filled pulled from AD

But these two items for customizing the phone can only be done in CallManager, not AD.

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